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1977 Lotus Esprit Coupe For Sale

Ad Number: 81

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Vehicle Information
Price: $ 29500.00
Year: 1977
Make: Lotus
Model: Esprit Coupe
Engine: 2-Liter DOHC-4cyl
Transmission: 5-speed
Interior Color: Brown/genuine-Leather & Brn.-mohair
Exterior Color: LeMans-yellow
Mileage: 51,935 original-miles
Location: SanDiego - California
Phone: 619/299-0066

Rare Original Giugiaro-Design Lotus Esprit

-Weighing only a nimble 2,350-lbs (half-ton less than later iterations), this is the rare and increasingly sought after original Italian-designer first-year S1 'DS'(DesignerSeries, --as is demarcated upon the original leather-covered steering-wheel). Transaxle is in perfect condition (seals recently replaced), and has silky-smooth hi-tech Kevlar-clutch, 5th-gear is overdrive. So as to prevent renown fire-hazard, the entire Electrical-system has been up-graded with an EZ-access under-hood (formerly Lucas-junk awkwardly under dash) as is shown in two-pictures. Another major improvement is the installation of DOT-approved low-profile 2"-height aerodynamic Headlamps, -which places excellent light on the road, while greatly improving the opened appearance as well! The Headlamp-pod Servo-control was revised as to limit opening of the pod-doors only about 2" (instead of original absurd looking frog-eyed 8"). Also note the 36"-LED/Brake-light integrated into the Louvered-hatch. Additionally, the door-glass elect.actuators have been modified so that the windows now retract Fully-down, --thereby enabling comfortable placement of one's arm upon the window-sill (instead of upon the edge of the 1.5" upwardly protruding glass)! All instruments and other electricals function perfectly. The car has a 96"-wb, and the flawless wheels are the 5-original slotted-type which came with the S1-model. Note also the properly integrated (into leading-edge of window, just on the Designer's Prototype) Dual/remotely-adjustable (see photo of uni-switch) L/R-rearview Mirrors, which up-grade greatly improves driving-safety (the US-Importer's clumsy mirrors would invariably become nudged out of position when parked, --often going unnoticed until out in the middle of a critically dangerously highway situation, where you need to see otherwise blind-spots!). Also, of particular importance to taller-persons, the driver's-seat mounting was moved-aft 1.5" and down-2" as to provide ample leg-room and head-clearance relative to the leather headliner. Another really slick feature is the glass-windowed engine-cover, enabling viewing of the engine even at night via the L/R side-windows (a dash-switch enables the driver to also look aft and view the engine through the cabin-window while driving). To improve radio-reception, a tele-antenna is integrated into the driver-side A-piller. In general, some $35k was expended toward numerous vital improvements, making this early specimen much more civilized for one's driving enjoyment...
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