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1966 Cushman Postal van For Sale

Ad Number: 427

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Vehicle Information
Price: $ 19895.00
Year: 1966
Make: Cushman
Model: Postal van
Engine: 2-Cyl.Opposed/4-cycle Aircooled Onan
Transmission: 3-Speed Dana, Column-shift
Interior Color: grey
Exterior Color: Blue&white Red-trim
Mileage: 10,040-miles
Location: SanDiego - California
Phone: 619 / 299-0066

Collector's TriPacer 3-wheeler Postal-van w/Patent

-Here is a very unique collector vehicle (believed 'last survivor' museum-piece) which i Designed for the US-Gov'mt./Postal-service back in 1965 (my advanced-concept shown in bottom drawing won a competition that beat-out the then common Cushman/Postal-van which was dangerously unstable). and went into production late 1966 (some 500-units were produced on a minimum-order of 60,000-units. Unfortunately, the then head of the usPostalService was in his Limo. on way to work, when right in front of him one of the inferior prior Cushman/3-wheeler Vans slid in the Wash.DC rain and toppled-over; --the PostOffice-director was so utterly shocked that he irrationally 'canceled' the ensuing production of this vastly improved 3-wheeled design, --thus only about 350-units actually entered service (were considered very stylish, very reliable, and quite popular among Postal-route drivers). Accordingly, since my deal was to be paid a Royalty per-vehicle, after having engineered the prototype and getting it into production, --as IndustrialDesign-consultant i never made a dime, and actually about lost my shirt over the highly promising albeit finally defunct project! The series of photos shows at the bottom a picture of me then building the Prototype, and the photos progress upward to the first picture showing the handsome nose of the 'TriPacer'. The R&L-sidedoors slide-smoothly aft so that the operator could drive with them open if desired during delivery of mail directly into mailboxes without stepping from the seat, and at the rear there is a pair of conventionally opening van-doors. There is a single-center bench-seat located upon the opening-hatch covering the engine; and all controls are normal automotive manual columh-shift layout. The TriPacer has a strong tubular-steel Frame, yet with the fiberglass-body weighs only 1.450-lbs (so as to qualifiy for licensing as a motorcycle). In additionally to the official usPostOffice Sales-title for DMV-registration, as to sweeten the deal, am including herewith the 'Mfg.-Rights', Engineering/Chassis-drawings, and actual usPatent-document granted to me on the Design. Hate to part with her after all of these years, but am necessarily downsizing... ~R.vH
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